European Union - SWITCH Asia Grant - 2012

European Union - SWITCH Asia Grant - 2012

The SWITCH-Asia is funded by the European Union (EU). It helps effectively share knowledge and disseminate successful project practices and intensify networking between its Asian and European Partners. 

€31 000 000 are waiting to be distributed for new grant projects.

The 4th Call for Proposals especially invites project proposals where business intermediaries (such as business associations, industry associations, service providers) as well as SMEs' business partners (such as retailers or financial institutions) and policy-makers will play an active role in the proposed activities.

Who can apply?

1.     Not-for-profit intermediary (business) organisations and networks (e.g. chambers of commerce or industry associations)

2.     Not-for-profit organisations aiming at pursuing sustainable development

3.     Governmental institutions at the regional and local level

Note: Projects that have financial institutions, national government departments or multinational corporations as associates will be given preference

The Partnerships

1.     Minimum size: At least one organisation from a EU Member State and at least one organisation from an eligible Asian country

2. Each member of a partnership must have a precise and clearly identified role in the implementation of the project

3.     Partnerships should preferably build on existing networks

4.   The lead applicant and the EU partner should ensure permanent presence (at least 75% of the implementation time) at the project implementation site

5.     Associates are organisations/institutions which play a real role in the action but may not receive funding from the grant (except per diems or travel costs reimbursement)

6.     Grant beneficiaries may outsource certain activities (not more than 20% of project total eligible costs) to subcontractors. The procedure is governed by the EU-specific rules

Eligible countries

Eligible Countries in Asia:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China*, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, DPR Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Elilgible Countries in Europe:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France

Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland**

* excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Chinese Taipei

** only for projects with focus of actions in Least Developed Country.

What kind of projects?

Target groups

1.     Small and medium-sized enterprises

2.     Various consumer groups

3.     Service organisations

Target sectors

All industrial sectors (except primary production) are eligible to be targeted in the projects, under the following conditions:

1.     They are polluting and have sufficient potential for improvement

2.     They form a substantial share of the economy and have potential for market demand

3.     They have sufficient potential for further multiplication in the country and/or region

Types of actions

The projects should have two dimensions:

1.     They should promote one or more sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices (e.g. cleaner production, environmental management systems, greening supply chain, eco-labelling, etc.)

2.     They should employ a replication mechanism in order to actively engage a large number of SMEs in producing and consuming sustainably (e.g. develop/upgrade standards and certification schemes, set voluntary targets, strengthen SCP service providers, create market demand, engage policy-makers/financial institutions)

Timeline for 4th Call Applications




End of December 2011

3rd Call for proposals published

EC Headquarter

March 2012

Submission of Concept Notes


March/April 2012

Technical Evaluation of the Concept
Notes and invitation to Full Proposals

EC Headquarter

& Delegations

June 2012

Submission of Full Proposals


June/July 2012

Technical and Financial Evaluation of Full Applications

EC Headquarter &Delegations

July/August 2012

Verification of eligibility of the applicant and partners

EC Headquarter

September 2012

Projects recommended for funding

EC Headquarter

October - December 2012

Preparation and signing of Contracts

EC Delegation

early 2013

Project Kick Off meeting


from 2013onwards

Project Implementation




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