Monsanto Fund for Agricultural Communities

Monsanto Fund for Agricultural Communities


Since 1964, the Monsanto Fund has worked to substantially and meaningfully improve people's lives. Just as Monsanto Company has been the leader in innovative and sustainable agriculture, the Monsanto Fund has worked to be an innovative philanthropic leader, providing sustainable assistance to communities in need around the world.


As agriculture evolves, so does the Monsanto Fund's efforts to improve the lives of people around the world by providing resources to meet their needs by -

1. Improving lives in farming communities around the world – as well as supporting the communities in which Monsanto employees live and work – is important to the Monsanto Fund.

2.  The Monsanto Fund accepts grant proposals for programs in the following areas: Providing basic education support designed to improve education in farming communities around the world, including supporting schools, libraries, science centers, farmer training programs and academic programs that enrich or supplement school programs.

3.  Meeting critical needs in communities by supporting NGO / nonprofit organizations that help with things such as food security, sanitation, access to clean water, public safety and various other local needs



Monsanto Fund accept international applications during two periods annually. The first period ranges from January 1 through February 28 (ending at 5:00 p.m. CST). The second period ranges from July 1 through August 31 (ending at 5:00 p.m. CST).



Eligible organizations include NGOs, units of government, private schools primarily serving an economically disadvantaged population, and private hospitals primarily serving an economically disadvantaged population.


Program Requests

Funding will not be provided for the following:


1.     Individual aid or personal support

2.     Underwriting deficits

3.     Fraternal, labor or veterans organizations, unless the project benefits the general public

4.     Benefits, dinners, advertisements

5.     Religious, politically partisan or similar groups

6.     Endowments

7.     Activities that directly support Monsanto marketing programs

8.   Projects in which the Monsanto Company has a financial interest or could derive a financial benefit through cash or rights to intellectual property

9.   Organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or national origin

How to Apply

Applications to the Monsanto Fund is by invitation only. If your NGO decide to apply for Monsanto Fund then, contact to skf NGO consultants / Ozg NGO Consulting for expert info, step-by-step instructions and detailed guidelines.

Grant Size

Single grant requests must be for at least US $25,000. Beyond that requirement, the grant sizes will vary by region. Each region has an allocation of funding and will decide how many and the maximum size grants they will make in their country

Important Note

Please, do not send unsolicited emails or mail seeking funding support to donor agencies. This will discredit your NGO and can also bring bad reputation to you as an individual as well as a NGO.

Fund raising is a competitive process and you need to follow ethics and not spam donor emails with long, unrelated requests for fund / grant support. If you just keep sending emails seeking support without knowing your donor, your chances of raising funds for your NGO will be drastically reduced and you may be blacklisted as a spammer.

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