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The Public Sector Linkages Program


The Public Sector Linkages Program (PSLP) 2010-11 Round Two opens on 1 March 2011 for applications in respect of APEC, ASEAN, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Latin America, Philippines, South Asia and Vietnam.  The round will close at 5pm AEST on 15 April 2011.


PSLP aims to improve public sector capacity for governance and management for nationally determined development outcomes in selected partner countries.


PSLP offers departments and agencies of Australian federal, state and territory governments, as well as Australian public universities, the opportunity to compete for grant funding that will:


1.     Transfer capacity building skills and expertise to their public sector counterpart institutions in partner countries

2.     Support strengthening of sustainable development-focused public sector bilateral and regional linkages.


Grants generally average $250,000 for an activity. The number of activities funded under each funding round is subject to the availability of funds.


Proposed Activities generally will be self-contained and be from 3 to 36 months in duration. Activities should be long enough to transfer capacity building skills and build sustainable development-focused linkages.

PSLP is administered by a dedicated PSLP Secretariat.


It is flexible and responsive and can meet the different needs of:

·        its diverse range of users and target countries

·        the varying significance of particular sectors, issues and approaches

·        the requirements of evolving Australian whole-of-government priorities.


Activities funded


Activities must:

1.     have a primary developmental focus

2.  comply with AusAID development policy guidelines on gender and development, poverty reduction, environment and sustainability

3.     clearly identify sustainable benefits to the partner country

4.     be planned and implemented jointly with the counterpart organisations concerned.

5.     Activities will be delivered mainly in the form of technical assistance and training and can include:

·        institutional strengthening and/or capacity-building in partner countries

·        short-term training in either the partner country or Australia

·        in-Australia secondments and work attachments

·        secondments of Australian staff in the partner country

·        applied policy research, feasibility studies and small projects (excluding basic research)




Documents that applicants may wish to consider before participating in PSLP 2010–11 Round Two include:

Activity Concept Stage

Detailed Proposal Stage

AusAID policy documents

Corporate Social Responsibility
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