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Ministry of Labour, Karnataka Gov

The Ministry of Labour has been financing, since 1981-82, voluntary organizations by way of grant-in-aid for taking up action oriented projects for the benefit of child labour /women labour.

        The phenomenon of child labour is due to socio-economic compulsions Government's policy is, therefore, to prohibit child labour in hazardous employments and regulate their working conditions in other employments / occupations.  The working children are deprived of the basis requirements for their development, such as, education, health-care nutrition, etc.   The purpose underlying the scheme is to identify child labour and to make available welfare inputs to them through voluntary organizations.

Economic independence of women is one of the basic factors which can ensure equal status for women.  A clear cut and well defined policy relating to women's employment was, for the first time, embodied in the Sixth Five-Year-Plan.  This has been repeated in the Seventh Plan which emphasizes income generating schemes for women to enable them to participate actively in socio-economic development.

To achieve the above objective, Government has also been laying stress on the involvement of voluntary organizations in the developments process.  The Women's Cell in the Ministry of Labour, thus encourages voluntary agencies and non-governmental agencies to formulate income-generating schemes and other action projects for women labour and renders financial assistance to such agencies for executing these projects.


  1. The amount of assistance given by the Ministry of Labour for taking up action-oriental projects aimed at benefiting child labour and women labour will normally be up to 75% of the recurring cost of the project.  The remaining part of the cost including the non-recurring cost will have to be borne by the organization concerned.
  2. Studies entrusted to various institutions will be funded in full.
  3. Duration of assistance will depend on each project and will be for a  maximum of 5 years and will be generally restricted to the currency of the Five Year Plan.  Sanction will however be accorded for a maximum period of three years at a time.  Releasing of grants for the project after a year will be subject to fulfillment of prescribed terms and conditions.
  4. In the event of assistance being available from any other source including international organizations like ILO, UNICEF, etc., for taking up the action programme on a multi aided approach total assistance will not exceed the ceiling mentioned in Annexure-1.


The Organization should be:

(i)     A Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, or

(ii)   A public trust registered under any law for the time in force, or

(iii) A registered Trade Union, or

(iv)  A Charitable Company licensed under Section 25 of the Companies Act, or

(v)    University/Institutions of higher learning.

Also -

i)          The organization should be such that its welfare and other programmes relating to child labour and women labour are accessible  to the target group without any distinction  of caste, religion or language.

ii)          The organization should be in a sound financial position and it should have the capability of executing programmes effectively and smoothly.  A minimum annual expenditure on items of recurring nature of the order of Rs. 50,000/- approximately would, interalia, be considered indicate in this respect.

iii)        The organization should preferably have to years of practical experience in the implementation of welfare programmes.



i)    Organizing working women and educating them about their rights, duties.  Legal aid to working women

ii)  Seminars, workshops, etc., aiming at raising the general             consciousness of the society about the problems of women labour

iii)    Useful and action-oriented research of study regarding problems of women workers and their employment status


  1. Organisations desirous of taking up projects for women labour shall           their applications (as filled in Form-I) for central assistance to the           concerned State Government, a copy of which shall be sent to the Under  Secretary (Women Welfare) of the Ministry of Labour.  It is expected under the scheme that the State Government will send their           comments about the experience, financial capability and suitability of the organization to the Ministry of Labour within three months,           positively.
  2. The proposals shall be examined by a Committee with reference all           relevant factors such as eligibility, nature of activity proposed etc.  If necessary, the applicant may be called to make suitable modification           of the proposal w.r.t. elge, scope, duration, etc.  This committee shall          be headed by the Joint Secretary, in charge of women labour, Ministry of Labour and would include representatives from the departments of women & Child Development and Education, Government of India and Financial Advisor (Ministry of Labour) or his representatives.  The Committee shall meet as often as often as necessary and at least twice, in a year preferably during the months of April and August.  The decision of the Committee will be conveyed to the organization to in the form of an offer of Grant-in-Aid in Form-II on receipt of this offer the organization has to submit acceptance in Form-III.
  3. The organizations shall request the Ministry of Labour (in Form-IV &         V) directly for release of grant installments from year to year and               a copy of this request /application shall be sent to the State               Government by registered post.  The State Government will evaluate the work of the voluntary organization / agency and will intimate the Ministry of their views from time to time.  It is felt by the State Government, that, release of grants is not proper to a particular organization then the State Government shall send their views in this respect to the Ministry of Labour for the consideration of the committee.
  4. The G.I.A. amount   for the project shall be released, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned.  Renewal is automatic unless               specifically terminated on grounds of breach of conditions as               prescribes in para 6.  The committee referred to para in 5.1 shall have               such powers to recommend termination of the Grant-in-Aid after               due process.
  5. The sanction order will be issued for the entire approved project duration. Release of funds would be on an annual basis wherein   75% of the amount of assistance would be released as first installment after the receipt of acceptance from the organization and balance 25% after the receipt of the progress reports in Form-VI for 2 quarters.


 i)    Grant-In-Aid shall be used for the purpose for which sanction is given.  An Annual certificate shall be furnished by the organization concerned that the grant-in-aid has been utilized for the purpose for which it was sanctioned.

  ii)    The organization shall submit a progress report in Form-VI after every three months for scrutiny by the Ministry.  It would be open to the Ministry to stop further grants-in-aid, if Government sees that the desired objectives are not being achieved or if the conditions or terms of the Government of India are not adhered to.

iii)    An officer/authorized representative of the Ministry shall physically check at least once in & Financial year, the work of the organization in so far as at relates to the particular study/project financed by the Ministry.

 iv)    The accounts of the organization concerned shall be open to audit check by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India or by the representatives from Minister's Internal Audit Division. The accounts shall be open to verification by officers of the Ministry or of State Government at any point of time.

   v)    The amount of grant-in-aid released shall be credited to the account of the organization from where the drawl will be by cheque /draft according to the procedure prescribed by General Financial Rules.

 vi)    An audited statement of accounts (in duplicate) shall be furnished to this Ministry within three months of the expiry of the time period for which grant was released.

vii)    A utilization Certificate as per  Form General Financial  Rule 19 A in respect of the total grant-in-aid paid  duly  countersigned by a Chartered Accountant  shall be  furnished to this  Ministry within three  month of the  expiry l of the time period for which grant-in-aid was released.

viii)    Before a grant is released; the grantee shall execute a bond with  two  sureties in favour of the President of India that:

a)   the  grantee  will abide by the conditions  of the grant by the target dates, if any, specified therein, and

b)  that will not divert the  grants and entrust execution of the scheme or work concerned to another institution(s) or organization(s) and    

c)   he shall abide by any other  conditions specified in the  agreement and in the event of his failing to comply with the                  conditions or committing breach of the bond, the grantee and                  the  sureties  individually  and jointly  will be liable to refund                  to the President of India, the entire amount with interest                  thereon or the sum specified under the bond.

d)  While obtaining the prescribe  bond, where it is necessary, the requirement of furnishing two sureties in addition,  need not be insisted on if the grantee  organization is a society  registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, or is a Co-operative Society, or is an  organization of standing  in whose  case such sureties are not considered necessary by the Ministry.

    ix)    The rate of interest to be charged on the terms of the   proceeding       condition will be 6% per annum on the amount of grants-in-aid       ordered to be refunded;

      x)    The release of grants will be subject to the General Financial Rules 1968 as applicable.

                              Bonding Norms under grant-in-Aid


Categories of expenses for which Normal level of ceiling on Grant-in-Aid will be available funding under G.I.A



Essential office equipment like office table, chairs, almirahs, etc., on a one time basis.

75% subject to maximum of Rs. 20,000/-


All activities and infrastructure approved.



Surveys, studies and related items.


 Categories of expenses for which Grant-In-Aid will not be available:

1.   Acquisition of land and building

2.   Purchase of vehicle, Computers, electronic typewriters, plant and Machinery, etc.

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