The Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women


In 1997, the Global Fund for Women (GFW) launched the Women's Fund is an entity that makes grants to support the advancement of women's human rights and status of women and girls.


The Global Fund for Women supports women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls.  GFW grants help strengthen and link women's funds by providing flexible and timely grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per year for operating and re-granting expenses. First-time grant awards generally range from $5,000 to $25,000 per year. 




Please note that your Women's Fund MUST meet all the following criteria to be eligible for a grant:


1.     Request should be from developing countries.

2.     Its primary focus is to award grants to women's human rights groups. Or, Its past or proposed activities include grant making and/or capacity-building for women's rights groups.

3.     It is governed, directed, and led by women. Women must fill most or all of the leadership roles.




The Global Fund for Women seeks to strengthen and sustain local philanthropy of Women's Funds by investing in the following priority areas:


·        Providing general operating support to build grant making, fundraising, and organizational capacity of women's funds.


·        Promoting mutual learning exchanges among women's funds.


The Global Fund for Women awards about 600 grants annually. The Global Fund for Women gives priority to:


1.     Are actively fundraising from local sources.

2.     Are located in a region or country that has extremely limited access to funding resources.

3.     Are making grants to groups working on issues that are difficult or controversial for women to raise in their communities, yet are critical to the realization of women's human rights.

4.     Are making grants to women's groups organized and led by women from particularly marginalized populations, including but not limited to:  refugees, rural women, economically disadvantaged women, women with disabilities, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQI) populations, sex workers, women affected by military occupation, women in conflict and post-conflict regions, girls and young women, and women from ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities.

5.     Actively include the perspectives of those served by or benefiting from the fund's activities.


In addition, please note that the Global Fund does NOT fund the following:


1.     Individuals

2.     Government entities

3.     Groups based and working primarily or only in the US

4.     Women's Funds in the Global North proposing projects with local partners

5.     Groups whose sole purpose is to generate income or to provide charity to individuals

6.     Groups headed and managed by men, without women in the majority of leadership positions

7.     Funds that support political parties or election campaigns

8.     Women's branches, departments, or projects of mixed gender organizations 




The Global Fund for Women usually accept proposals all year, but grants are awarded only four times a year



The Global Fund for Women

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