Fondation Ensemble - Program Fund - 2011

Fondation Ensemble Programs Fund

Fondation Ensemble is a private foundation - recognized by the state as serving the public interest - created by Gérard Brémond and Jacqueline Délia-Brémond, who had long cherished the idea of being actively involved in public interest work.


Fondation Ensemble invites proposal for the Programme Fund that represents 85% of the annual budget of organization. It covers:


-        Water and sanitation in developing countries

-        Sustainable development activities in developing countries


For 2011, The Fondation has selected 7 priority countries of intervention: Benin, Malawi, Mozambique, Cambodia, India, Laos and Peru.


The minimum allocated per project is 50,000 per year; support is provided for, at least, two years.


The Fondation can provide up to 50% of the total budget for the project, to a maximum subsidy level of 250,000.


Project Selection    


Projects are selected during two annual committee meetings. The opinion of the Fondation's Board of Experts is sought on the occasion of the committee meetings, via a forum.


A sustained support, external evaluations


As part of a medium term strategy, projects supported under the "Programme Fund" benefit from sustained support throughout the lifetime of the project.


External evaluations are performed. They can be implemented as a mid-term review, at the end of the programme or whenever deemed     


Proposals Criteria:


1.     The Fondation is looking for programmes that will make a concrete and lasting improvement to the life of its target population. 


2.     Supported projects contribute to protecting the environment and rationalizing the use of natural resources.


3.     Projects arise from specific findings that take account both the needs of local populations and those of the land. 


4.     The Fondation lends support to appropriate and concrete action whose results are measurable. The Foundation is looking to support ongoing projects, and encourages innovation wherever possible. 


5.     The Fondation supports participatory and partnership programmes. They are implemented in conjunction with identified partners. They encourage the emergence of or strengthen the capacities of those partners. The role of each partner is clearly defined. 


6.     The projects demonstrate that they are integrated within the national strategy of the country in which they take place.


7.     The budget of the project has to integrate a line evaluation (costs for a mid-term and a final evaluation).


8.     The Fondation demands to see accurate details of the budget and expenditure involved. It agrees to cover 10% of all administrative costs.


9.     If the project is accepted, the Fondation asks that 75 % of the financing completing its own are acquired for the signature of the agreement. 


The Fondation Ensemble does not fund:


·        Projects that do not fall within the areas of activity outlined above.


·        One-off projects that are unsustainable. 


·        Awareness projects with no concrete and measurable activity. 


·        Initiatives that do not have provisions for measuring the anticipated impact or expected results.


·        Projects that do not take account the protection or restoration the environment.  Initiatives that do not earmark the bulk of their investment for concrete action. Microcredit, workshops, conferences, ecotourism, educational packages (in France) and study/research trips taken by students. 


·        Applications for subsidies that include allocating more than to paying wages of expatriates.


·        Projects submitted by private individuals.

For more info or clarification ask to skf NGO funding consultants (if your NGO is already registered in skf NGO directory, or click here to register it now) or you may contact to Fondation Ensemble, 45 Rue Babylone 75007 Paris, France.


The NGO Funding Consultants



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