UK Department for Int Development (DFID)

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is the official development agency of the Government of UK managing aid for the poor, developing countries. The objective of providing aid to developing countries is to eradicate extreme poverty around the globe. DFID works from its headquarters in London and East Kilbride (near Glasgow) and is supported by 64 overseas offices located in various countries of intervention and support. The values of the Department include 'ambition and determination to eliminate poverty, diversity and the need to balance work and private life, ability to work effectively with others, desire to listen, learn and create and professionalism and knowledge.'
DFID responds to natural and man-made emergencies, in addition to granting long-term support to developmental organizations for eradicating poverty. It has the global promise to reduce poverty, increase child education, promote sexual equality, reduce child death rates, improve maternal health, combat diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria, ensure protection of environment and develop global partnerships, as all of these are part of the Millennium Development Goals.

In its efforts to achieve the set goals, the Department has several funding schemes to support developmental actions around the world in different ways. It has funding schemes for volunteers, international students, private agencies, the media, local governments, educational institutions and NGOs. For NGOs, the Civil Society Challenge Fund is made available for implementing anti-poverty projects in developing countries; the Fund can be applied only by UK-based international NGOs, but partnerships with local NGOs is crucial. There is also the Development Awareness Fund and Mini-Grants Scheme, which can also be applied by the UK-based NGOs. The Governance and Transparency Fund of the DFID is open to NGOs around the world and proposals can be sent after reviewing the funding guidelines. DFID has also made arrangements with certain UK-based organizations for implementing long-term developmental programs in developing countries through its Partnership Programme Arrangements. In addition to this, DFID also has the Conflict and Humanitarian Fund, Humanitarian response funding and the Disaster Risk Reduction as part of its response towards emergencies. There are also many other small funding opportunities that are made available locally through the UK country-based missions.

The mailing address of DFID is:

The UK Department for International Development (DFID)

94, Victoria Street, London, SWIE 5JL United Kingdom

Tel: 44-1355-84-3362, 44-20-7917-7000

Fax: 44-1355-84-4099, 44-20-7916-0019




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